Saturday, 3 August 2013

Car Boot Sale Finds

Last weekend me and my Boyfriend went to a local car boot sale and even though the heat and early start were exhausting we managed to find some good stuff!
The first thing I bought was this amazing vintage fabric, I love the 60's floral design and think it will make a lovely dress when I improve my sewing skills. There was loads of fabric and all for 50p so I was chuffed!
My next find was a Diana Ross and The Supremes vinyl. I love The Supremes, they are one of my favourite girl groups from that era, but until now I never owned anything by them on vinyl, so I was happy to find this. I also bought a case to hold my records in, it's a lovely tan colour and it's in really good condition, which is sometimes rare to find. 
The last find of the day was One Step Beyond by Madness on vinyl. This is actually my boyfriend's as I already own a copy but it was a great bargain for 50p. Mostly at car boot sales and charity shops the vinyl you find is the stuff that nobody really wants like Mozart and old film soundtracks. So I was happy to find some decent albums.

Overall it was a successful day, we only spent £5 and what we bought was really good. I always enjoy having a look around anyway! 


  1. Beth hello....super start for a blog, bargain fabric....well done!

    Thanks for joining along with me...

    Try putting the google friends connect up and we can all follow you too...

    Bestest Daisy j

    1. Hello!

      Thank you, you have a great blog!

      I'm still learning how to do all this but I'll try and add google friends connect later :)

      All the best,
      Beth x

  2. Hello Beth, Thanks for your visit. Great start to your blog! I was such a huge fan of Madness when I was younger (I'm showing my age now!) and still think they're fab. Will be reading your blog from now on. Suzanne XX

    1. Hello Suzanne,

      Thank you, I really loved reading your blog!

      You can never go wrong with a bit of Madness haha!

      All the best
      Beth x