Friday, 25 April 2014

Bargain baking!

I really do love a good bargain. I always think it's definitely worth shopping around when it comes to various products you use at home, especially when it comes to baking! 

I recieved an email today from Poundland announcing the new bakeware range by Jane Asher. The range is now in store and looks great! Most of the items are in gorgeous pastel colours and I think they would be really ideal for first time bakers who don't want to break the bank, or for others who want to add some staples to their collection.

The range includes cake tins and bakeware, preparation equipment and baking accessories. It looks like there is quite a variety of items and of course the best part is that everything is just a pound! 

Here are some items that I will be looking out for, I will definitely be reviewing some of these when I get my hands on them

Non-stick traybake tin
I've been after a new traybake tin for a while for baking blondies and brownies so this will be perfect.

Mini pop cake holder with sticks
One of these will look lovely to serve cake pops on. 

Palette knife 
A really handy tool for cake decorating for a beginner, I really like the pastel green colours in the range.

Cake slice
Again I love the pastel green colour and this will look really nice for serving cakes.

Overall I'm very interested to have a look in Poundland soon and get baking!

Please let me know if you have already purchased anything from the range and what you think!

B x

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Change of blog url...

Some of you may have noticed that my blog is no longer called sewingandsixties, I've made the decision to change the name to flourpowerbakes. 
My boyfriend came up with the name, I wanted to put together my love of baking and also my love of the 1960's together. Hope you like it! 

Spending this fairly dull afternoon listening to to Jefferson Airplane, think I might make a doughnut cake

 Beth x


Oh... A girl can dream!

For years I've wanted a KitchenAid. They are the perfect baking accessory and would make my kitchen look lovely!
The price tag really puts me off however... Have any of you got one? Are they worth it?

Beth x

Baking more than ever this week

I'll be selling some cupcakes and brownies on Easter Monday and hopefully people will like them! I've been practising more this week, I decided to make chocolate cupcakes this time and decorations using a silicone mould and candy melts.
I love this glass cake stand... It only cost me 50p from a car boot sale last weekend.

I've got lots more baking to ready for Monday so I'll keep you all posted!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Happy baking!

Going to the Cake and Bake show in Manchester last weekend has inspired me to do some baking myself, having two weeks off from work is the perfect opportunity. 

I decided to make some vanilla cupcakes from the recipe book 'The Great British Bake Off: Learn To Bake' this book was given to me as a present a while ago, it's not my favourite cookery book as it's pretty basic but it's suitable for what I was baking today.

I happened to go into Aldi today and as part of this weeks Special Buys they had loads of baking goodies and I couldn't resist picking some up!
Flour 45p, royal icing £1.29, vanilla and chocolate ready icing £1.49 each, food colouring 89p each and mini eggs 59p 

I'm hoping to improve my cake decorating skills but here is the finished result from today (got loads of the stuff I bought left over for more baking!)
They were very yummy and I'm fairly pleased with the results, there will be lots of Easter baking coming up, hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Cake and Bake show in Manchester!

I was lucky enough to win two tickets to the Cake and Bake show in Manchester this weekend in a magazine competition. It was a great day out, with lots of yummy free samples and has inspired me to do more baking at home! 

I ended up buying a show goodie bag which was quite good value for £5. The goodie bag contained a Betty Crocker cake mix, some Dr Oetker icing and some billingtons sugar. I also bought a lovely billingtons sugar tin and some candy melts.

There was also plenty of recipe cards to pick up and competitions to enter at various stands, fingers crossed! I didn't catch any of the live demonstrations but there was still plenty to see. The competition cakes were amazing! Some people are very talented with their decorating, here are some pictures I took of the cakes on display...
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!
Amazing turtle cake
From the Welcome To The Jungle display
and finally my favourite... The Rovers Return!

Overall it was a fab day out and I'm really happy that I entered the competition to go. Would definitely consider going to the next one. Will be blogging about Easter baking in the next few days...